training of teenage girls who have been out of school in conflicts zones

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Posted on: 2020-07-23 19:49:20

Women and teenage girls with and without disabilities have been out of school for four years now since the outbreak of the Anglophone crises in Cameroon.our activities in training them on income generating activities have save many from unwanted pregnancies,porverty and illiteracy as we also drill them on mentral hygine and sexsual and reproductive health.

All of them are trained on embroidery,crafts,beads works and makingpestries that can raise them money to get their sanitary pads and other basics.this also keep their brain busy while praying for peace to return in this part of the world.our main trainer for this project is Hilda a lady that has been on wheelchair from birth.

So far over 200+ girls who drop out of school since the excalation of the crises have benefited directly fromĀ  this project .

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our trainer is a teenage girl on wheelchair.